Moving to

Considering that I have been blogging for over four years, I never did get the hang of how things work in here. However, now that I have moved my blog and combined it with my photography web site on, I think the best thing is to leave a “last post” in here so you can make your own arrangements. (The kind people at WordPress have transferred all my followers to the new site, but I believe my posts will no longer appear in the reader. You may need to become an e-mail follower, but I’m sure you understand the system better than I do.)

In a minute I will create my first post over there – the old blog posts and images have been copied over. Well… better than that actually. You only had images at 800px in here, but I’ve replaced them all with larger ones.

So, I would like to thank you all for sticking with me so far and I hope you will enjoy my further photography adventures over at ELEMENTS

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