Caught by a sunbeam

I’ve always said that there aren’t many places at home where I can photograph the cats. Either there isn’t enough natural light, or the background isn’t suitable. I would have written off the study completely had Chai not found her own spotlight yesterday afternoon.

We were exhausted after a long morning of doing the animals. It began around 6.30 and we didn’t finish until nearly lunch time. I can only assume it was around that time because we didn’t have any lunch. We rarely do at weekends, being either too busy, or the morning rounds bump into mid-afternoon and then it just seems to be too close to dinner.

I was trying to catch up with my images on the desktop computer. For some reason things have got out of hand recently. Perhaps it was the two days on the Bluebell Railway that produced more than expected. Only 150 raw files, but for once I couldn’t make up my mind about some of them. A few had been marked for further processing, but the rest had been left “just in case”. I normally mark them for deletion. They are kept like that until I’ve finished the batch. If I was wrong about one I liked, then I can always check any others that are similar. Maybe it was the lack of markers that threw me, but it hasn’t helped that I’ve been processing them out of order too.

It’s all too easy to pick your favourite from a day out, but I find once that has been done then I’m less interested in those that are left. I’m normally very strict with myself, but for some reason I’ve lost all discipline recently. Perhaps I got bored with the same old routine. Perhaps I just wanted to live dangerously. Whatever the reason, I wish I had done things properly now.

And keywords. Keywords have been evading me too. I researched them years ago so I would have a decent set to play with and for the most part they work very well. Now I seem to look at them without any understanding and I keep having to back track and insert something blindingly obvious that was missed the first time round.

The truth is that I’ve probably made things too complicated. In an effort to back up properly I use three external drives (one lives off site). I had to make a note in my calendar to retrieve that one on a regular basis. Some images go on my web site and they are duplicated with digital mounts and frames. We don’t have anywhere near enough wall space at home for prints, so I have them on my PC instead. There’s this blog of course and the one where I am an occasional guest blogger. Not to mention the site I created to try to raise money for the Cat House in Bulgaria. I mustn’t forget my forum, but it’s getting increasingly difficult to find any spare time to just pop in for a chat.

So when Chai wandered into the study late yesterday afternoon, I was struggling with all these issues. The curtains were closed because it faces west, but the cats had pushed their way through and created a gap. The fact didn’t escape a sun-loving pussy cat and Chai jumped on to one of the radiator hammocks to bathe in a sunbeam. In that moment I forgot about the back ups and the markers and the keywords. Grabbing my camera it was all about my two favourite subjects – cats and light.

Sometimes that’s all I really need.

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