Cats in boxes

What is it with cats and cardboard boxes? We used to have the occasional delivery and as a treat we would let the cats play with the empty box for a couple of days. Lately there have been more deliveries, so I piled several in a heap in the dining room and let them get on with it, only moving them once a day to vacuum up all the bits. Eventually Buddy chewed his way through one so badly that it was no longer three-dimensional and I moved the flattened mess into the porch to go out with the rubbish. I could tell from his little face that he was heartbroken and the only solution was to give my husband a ring at work and ask him to find a replacement. Later that evening TWO A4 boxes arrived and I swear Buddy’s face lit up as he began to chomp his way through the latest toy.

It’s not just Buddy of course, but he spends more time in the boxes than most. He can be seen in the featured image above, sitting inside while playing with a loose bit of tape on the corner. Vicky has learned from the expert, but prefers her boxes on their side where she can hide, only jumping out as another cat walks past. She is probably the culprit responsible for picking up some of the loose bits and spreading them round the house. No wonder I am increasingly worried about unexpected visitors – they must think I never bother to clean!

Bubu has been spending more time in the dining room too, although he prefers to find odd places to settle down. The photograph below was taken a few days ago. He had found a gap between two stacked boxes, not really wide enough for him, but with a bit of wriggling he made himself comfortable. There was nowhere near enough light, but I risked a shot at 1/20th and thankfully he didn’t move.

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