Marc-Andre of KATZENWORLD recently asked if we would be interested in trialling some of the cat toys available on his site. I guess with ten cats at home (eight under the age of five), they seemed the ideal test pilots for the catnip and valerian products. I jumped at the chance and within a couple of days a mysterious box arrived at the front door. The cats weren’t fooled though and could obviously smell there was something interesting inside. Now I did have plans that morning to take my camera to the local wildlife reserve to see what had changed since my last visit about five months ago. The cats had other ideas though and were already shredding the cardboard, so I opened it up and went to get my camera.

The first thing I noticed was the quality of the toys. Well made in colourful fabrics, there wasn’t a safety issue anywhere. The cats already have loads of toys in their play box, but some of their favourites do have problems. Mice with ears and noses that eventually have to be cut off when they come apart and stuffing that leaks out when the play gets too rough. I repaired four toys only the other week, but now there are five sitting in the drawer in the kitchen waiting to be sewn back up. Admittedly, this new batch have only been here for a few days, but there is nothing to come loose and so far I can’t find any damage at all.

Amazingly, all ten cats appeared in our tiny dining room as I took the toys out of their wrappers. Even Gremlin, our Devon Rex, who normally wouldn’t mix with so many at one time. Then Merlin grabbed one of the large knots, rolled over and proceeded to give it a thorough kicking. Nothing unusual perhaps, but Merlin is now 16 and although he still goes out in the garden, we haven’t seen him playing with a toy for many years.

There isn’t enough light downstairs for photography, so while the cats rolled, kicked and dribbled over their presents, I went upstairs and set up my “studio” – a three-foot square section of our bed covered in an old blanket. Grabbing a handful of assorted toys, I let the cats up in small batches to avoid chaos. The first model was timid little Foxy who was besotted with the large red heart.

Foxy and Heart2

Foxy and Heart3

Next came Bubu with the dolphin.

Bubu and Dolphin1

Bubu and Dolphin2

And finally Buddy with one of the large colourful sacks.

Buddy and Valerian Bag1

Buddy and Valerian Bag2

In the end I probably took far more images than if I had gone to the nature reserve as originally planned. The cats certainly had a great time and are still playing with their gifts several days later. With many thanks again to Marc-Andre for letting us have the opportunity to try such fun products. Now all I have to do is get my sewing kit out and repair the old damaged toys that are still sitting in the kitchen drawer.

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