Freezing fog

I spent the morning with a very dear friend the other day. We had done a couple of walks last summer, but then I was laid low with a cough, that was eventually diagnosed as asthma. It took some time to get back to normal and of course, by now it was the middle of winter. Never mind. I suggested we try my local park as the paths would mean we didn’t get bogged down in mud. As I parked the car it became obvious that the only people around were keen dog walkers. The temperature was barely above freezing and there was a dense fog that looked as though it wouldn’t clear all day.

Still… we had a good time and walked right round the lake. The poor ducks seemed confused by the ice, but we couldn’t help laughing as they slithered across to the grassy bank. I’m no bird expert, but I noticed there were now a lot of Greylag geese as well as hordes of hungry seagulls. Technically I know they aren’t actually called seagulls, but that is the extent of my knowledge.

We eventually made our way back to the car and then on to a nearby garden centre, where we warmed up over a coffee and chatted about this and that. By the time we had finished it was getting late, but I wanted to collect some pills from the vet for one of our cats. It was 2.30 p.m. by the time I got home and as I prepared a quick lunch, I thought about the beautiful trees I had seen that morning. I hadn’t bothered taking my camera because it seemed wrong to make my friend wait around in the cold.

I rang my husband at 3.00 p.m. – a few weeks earlier and it would have been getting dark. As I was telling him about the walk, I made up my mind to go straight back with the camera. It seemed a mad idea and my husband thought so too. As I made the short drive, the temperature in my little car registered just 1C and the fog was a lot thicker. Parking up on the other side of the lake, I instantly regretted not bringing a pair of gloves.

There were still a few people left, but the majority seemed to have packed up and gone home due to the extreme cold. I rushed round to the far side of the lake as quickly as I could. The view I had planned was no longer visible, but a new one caught my eye. A few trees on a small island were isolated from the background and their reflections were showing clearly on the ice. They can be seen as the featured image above, with a portrait version below.

Freezing Fog1

I moved round a little further and liked the way the tree on the left bent over the water. I needed something else as a focal point and that came in the form of a lone seagull. I had to wait a long time for one to appear in the right position and my poor fingers nearly froze. I think it was worth it though.

Freezing Fog and Seagull

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