Holi festival of colours

I was just looking through my images following the fine tuning I did in Bridge recently. In theory it should allow me to see any image (or group of images) that I have yet to blog about. The revamp must have worked because I spotted the entire batch from the second Holi festival that I attended the year before last. It had only been my intention to do the one, but I liked it so much that when I got home I bought a ticket for another one the following month.

It was held in the Olympic park in London and the weather was perfect, which was just as well because the walk from the tube station was longer than expected. I stopped briefly to admire the stadium and took a quick photograph of a little boy having fun with the water maze. He was tearing round at top speed and I had to work hard to keep up with him.

Water Baby

Once I reached the event, there was plenty to keep me occupied. Unlike the previous festival, this was on grass and there were plenty of stalls selling food and drink. There were far more people too, with many in fancy costumes. The image featured at the top is of a couple dressed as what I can only describe as “angel bunnies”. They were up for a laugh and as I pointed the camera in their direction, he patted his chest causing a cloud of pink dust.

Another character who caught my eye was the chap I called “selfie man”. For some reason he spent the entire afternoon taking photographs of himself directly in front of every powder throw.

Selfie Man

Then there was this lady with the pink sunglasses who managed to stay relatively clean in spite of the mess.

Girl with the Pink Sunglasses

And talking of mess, I managed to get in more of a state than the previous festival. On one particular trip to a portaloo, I noted that the powder had not only covered my clothes and trainers, but had wormed its way into the depths of my underwear. It had a horrible drying effect on the skin in spite of the liberal application of wet wipes. The poor camera was suffering too and had started making a grinding noise as I used the zoom.

To be fair to the camera, I had put it through an awful lot and it bravely stuck it out to the bitter end. However, when I eventually got home and cleaned it up, it became clear that it would never function properly again. Still, at the incredible price of £35, it had performed well at two Holi festivals and provided me with not only a set of unique images, but some wonderful memories too.

This was the last powder throw before I left for home and is one of my favourites from both the events. For me it sums up the spirit of Holi and the sheer joy that surrounded me. I wouldn’t say no to attending another one, but I would need to find another cheap point and shoot first.

Powder Throw3

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