The last laugh

I think most people would agree that 2016 hasn’t been the greatest year from a lot of perspectives. We haven’t stayed up to welcome in a New Year for a long, long time and yet in two days I am determined to do just that. I want to make sure the old year not only leaves, but closes the door firmly behind it. I consider myself lucky, but a couple of minor health problems dragged me down for several months and I sadly missed getting out with the camera this autumn. I have no regrets because I was still able to see the changing colours from indoors. The good news is that having been recently diagnosed with asthma, there is a wonderful treatment in the form of my new inhaler and I’m determined to make up for lost time in 2017.

Having told my husband on my return from North Wales that I was getting too old for trips involving 17 hour days, I reluctantly took the decision to end my yearly outings. About a week later I was drawn to an image of a frosty morning of Corfe Castle, taken through a half-open gate and across misty hills. I Googled images of Dorset and realised that I have never been to Durdle Door, Portland Bill, Lyme Regis or Gold Hill in Shaftesbury (from the old Hovis advert). So I changed my mind and now I’m searching for another B&B with a single room and owners who don’t mind their guests leaving at stupid o’clock in the morning.

So, I’ve been busy over Christmas researching those destinations (and many, many more) and also making some changes to the way I organise my images in Adobe Bridge. Niggling at the back of my mind was the knowledge that I had one more blog post to write before the end of the year. It’s a silly notion, but because we are so busy with the zoo, I really don’t get a lot of time to write, but I did set myself a minimum of three posts per month with 500 words per post. I know I should have done something earlier, but the changes in Bridge would have made it so much easier to see which images had already been used and which were still available.

I mistakenly thought everything would be fine. However, we have had a terrible history of losing our internet connection, often for weeks at a time. It’s another story and one I don’t wish to relate in too much detail, but we live close to a little bridge and there are often accidents as people approach too fast and realise there is only room for one vehicle. The result is that they often run into the nearby telegraph pole taking out our connection to the outside world. The thing is that we are the only property after that pole and getting anyone to take our problem seriously has driven me to the brink of despair. It once took me eight months to get the pole replaced and in the meantime the line was thoughtfully draped along the hedge, over the river and up the lane for about quarter of a mile. That time every single department had refused to listen and we only got the work done because I contacted the CEO of BT.

So here I was earlier this evening, putting the finishing touches to Bridge and suddenly the internet went down. After checking the house and phoning to be told there is nothing wrong with the line, my husband took a walk down the lane to find blue lights in the vicinity of the bridge. I do hope the driver of the vehicle is unharmed, but it looks as though our telephone pole has been brought down yet again. 2016 is having the last laugh…

6 thoughts on “The last laugh

  1. Hi! I feel for you, this year has been awful all around. I am now homeless with two cats (except that one has escaped and might never return) and couch surfing while trying to find somewhere that allows pets! Anyway, the reason I am writing the comment is to let you know about mobile broadband I bought this as I knew I’d be in need of internet on the go and it really works very well even in the poor reception area I am in right now. You get a rolling monthly contract of about 16GB for £23 or so a month. It might be worth your while getting one as you can also take it with you and use it with computers or phones.
    Good luck and all the best to you and your zoo. Here’s to 2017 being the bestest year ever!


    • Bless you. I’m rubbish on the phone, but I will ask my husband to look into that – connection promised in four days. (Heard that one before). I wish you luck and happiness in 2017


  2. Asthma sufferers need to be in a dry and warmer climate and try and live relatively stress-free lives. Did your doctor mention this? I’m viewing this post on my phone and the wonderfully surreal pic is visible. Best to you for 2017. We sure need a good one! 🎁👌🎈


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