Vicky and her fluffy pom-pom

I don’t think we’ve ever had a happier cat than this little almost-blind scrap. We collected her off the transport as arranged at a motorway service station. She was in a cat basket piled on top of crates filled with barking dogs. I’m not having a go at the transport people. They come all the way from Bulgaria with the dogs in one vehicle and the cats in another and they receive nothing but the best care. They are obliged to keep them in kennels for two days after arriving in this country and when they are sent out to meet their new owners, it makes sense for the vans to head in different directions, hence putting the dogs and cats together.

Vicky didn’t seem bothered and by the time she had been transferred to our own basket and carried no more than ten yards to the car, she was already purring for England. She kept it up for the entire drive home and she has hardly stopped purring since. Her nickname is Buzzer.

She loves us equally and sleeps on the bed with us every night. She adores all our other cats, but especially Buddy, who is besotted with his new little friend. She loves her toys too and spends ages either playing in the cat den upstairs, or jumping in the large toy box downstairs, where she picks her current favourite. At the moment that is the white pom-pom in these two photographs. She carries it everywhere and even brings it to bed at night. My biggest worry was that it would go missing in action, which is exactly what happened about three weeks ago.

We looked everywhere, but she must have hidden it somewhere very safe indeed. It finally put in an appearance a few days ago. Placed thoughtfully next to my side of the bed, with the stuffing spread out to one side, it looked only fit for the bin. I didn’t have the heart to throw it away though, so I carefully sewed it back together and they are reunited once again. I was actually so scared it might go AWOL once more, that we had a little photo shoot on the bed the other day. Just in case, I have saved a video on how to make a replacement in less than five minutes. Now all I need is a ball of white wool.

Vicky with her Fluffy Ball2

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