I told my husband that Pearl would be our last rescue from Eastern Europe. She came to us just before Christmas last year and I kept my word for all of eight months. Then I spotted a nearly blind kitten at a wonderful rescue in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. The rescuers rent a property where they house up to 55 cats at any one time. Heaven only knows how they fund the place, but the cats receive all the veterinary care they need and for some of the worst cases, that can be quite considerable. Not every rescue can be saved of course and it’s sad when you receive the news that one you have been following didn’t make it. If it’s tough on the supporters, then it has to be far worse for those looking after the animals, but it must also make the happy endings far sweeter.

Vicky was one of the lucky ones. Found as a tiny kitten on the street, with herpes and blind in both eyes, she was taken to the Cat House by a kind lady. She was too small for surgery in the beginning, but by the time she was fit enough to have her eyes removed, they found that one could actually be saved. She has hardly any vision left, but it’s better than nothing. I will be forever grateful to a lovely lady who developed a soft spot for her and who sponsored her care. We are now friends on Facebook and I keep her updated with videos and recent photographs.

After rushing through the paperwork in record time, Vicky was booked on the next transport run and arrived on 25th September at the age of five months, weighing in at just 1.35kg. We had never seen such a tiny little cat. Initially we were terrified of losing her and on the second night, when we realised we hadn’t seen her in over an hour, we were frantic with worry. We looked everywhere, including the kitchen carousel, the pantry and even in the fridge. By the time I had convinced myself she was so small she must have slipped through the porch and outside while we weren’t looking, she casually sauntered downstairs wondering what all the fuss was about. Heaven only knows where she had been, but she must have found a comfy hiding place and gone to sleep. Thankfully she hasn’t done it again. In the two months since, she has doubled in weight and although she will always be small, she is now looking decidedly chunky. The image featured above was taken on her first day and the one below just a couple of weeks ago.

Vicky on the Scratching Post

She has fitted in so well with our other nine cats too and Buddy in particular (also from Plovdiv) is absolutely besotted with his new little friend. They spend hours together every day, washing one another, or simply tearing round the house. She has adopted some of his habits as well, so now I have two cats guarding me while I vacuum the house and they will both attack the nozzle given half a chance. She also perched on top of the PC while I worked on some images this afternoon, so double the chance of someone accidentally pressing the OFF button!


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