Just a lay-by

While I was scouting for locations in Snowdonia, I found one that took my fancy and it was only a few minutes drive from Capel Curig, where I had photographed wild otters. A lovely gentleman had pointed them out to me and we must have spent a fair amount of time tracking them through the rock pools. As the morning wore on though, people started arriving at the outdoor pursuits centre just behind. At first it was a lone (and very brave) swimmer, but he was soon followed by groups in kayaks. It was clear we would see no more of the otters that day, so we walked back to the car park together.

As we said goodbye, the man told me he had been visiting this location for 14 years in the hope of photographing an otter. I realised how lucky I had been to turn up just once and to see an entire family. He told me he was staying in the area for the rest of the week and intended to try again early the next morning. I do hope he was able to take the photographs he wanted.

So I packed my gear back in the car and plotted the next destination on the satnav. I already knew it was just a lay-by on a narrow and winding lane. I had followed the route using Google Street View, so I knew exactly what I was looking for. The views were impressive on the short drive and as if to help things along, the sun also put in an appearance. I recognised the lay-by immediately and pulled over. Even from the car, I could see Llyn Gwynant in the distance and I knew I was in for a special treat.

I had initially planned to lean over the stock fencing, but I was surprised to see a little gate further along. I went back to the car to get the tripod. Setting up as close to the road as I dared, I took the image featured above. The view is a little obscured, but I like the idea that it tempts the viewer to open the gate and explore further. Which is exactly what I did.

I took another photograph from a little grassy hill and then noticed a lone sheep a bit further ahead. Taking one shot in case I spooked her, I edged closer and closer until I was able to get the image below. Sadly it was the last decent photograph I was able to take that day. My planned trip to Portmeirion was ruined due to the amount of building work going on. It may have been fine for other visitors, but for someone with the sole intention of taking pictures, it was a complete disaster.

Llyn Gwynant and Sheep

I had planned sunset for the two wrecks on the estuary at Dulas Bay, but by that time the cloud had rolled in and the light clearly wasn’t going to play ball. Instead I chatted to a few of the locals before heading back to Llandudno.

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