Two Woodpeckers

I’ve said before that we are very lucky with wildlife around here. We have deer, badgers, foxes, weasels, buzzards, woodpeckers and all manner of little birds. About the only thing we don’t have is hedgehogs and that’s because of the badgers…

I’ve been trying to photograph as much as possible and for the most part I’ve been successful, with the exception of the woodpeckers and the buzzards. I still don’t have any good images of the great spotted woodpeckers, but I’m working on it. The best so far was taken with my new lens, but in poor light and through a grubby window. (We do clean our windows, but the cats keep pawing at them while they are watching the deer or the badgers of an evening). They are very flighty birds and will vanish in an instant if they see movement indoors.

I’ve been luckier with the green woodpeckers as they spend ages on our lawn every afternoon digging up the colonies of ants. Unfortunately they aren’t that close to the house, but the new lens is just able to get a decent shot. I still have to move very slowly, but on this occasion I was able to capture an adult with what I can only presume is a juvenile.

The image below was taken one winter a few years ago. The bird seemed to be having fun playing in the snow and being a little closer to the house, I was able to use my shorter zoom, which was all I had back then. Quality isn’t brilliant, but I like it because it shows a side of a shy bird that we don’t see very often.

Woodpecker in the Snow

So, the local buzzards are the last thing on my list. I’ve seen one two evenings in a row, but on the first occasion I didn’t have the camera and the second time was just a fleeting glimpse. Fingers crossed that it’s third time lucky!

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