We live in a mad house

I really wasn’t going to write yet another blog post about our cats this month, but it has to be said. We live in a mad house.

The thought ran through my mind the other night when I was making my final trip downstairs before bed. It had been a busy day and as the study was feeling a tad chilly, I decided to rest upstairs after all the animals were done. Everything seemed normal as I lay down on the bed, but when I put my feet on the carpet some ninety minutes later, I could see fascinating silvery swirls on the floor in the moonlight. The cats obviously found them fascinating too, because five were gathered round and staring at something in the corner. Switching on the light revealed the biggest slug I have ever seen. Ours is a very old house and they do sometimes make their way indoors in one corner of the dining room, only to be gently gathered up and placed back outside. There is no way this chap made his own way up the stairs though, so one of the cats had found him and brought him up to Mum as a present. Nice…

The cats have their own room. Or rather, they were given what used to be our iguana’s old room after we lost her. It’s the smallest attic room and is Toblerone shaped, with a shelf and little window at the far end. At a guess it’s around 15 feet by 8 feet and is slightly less than 5 feet tall. Not much good for us, but filled with toys, it is a haven for the crazy ones. At the moment it contains two large dog beds at the far end – great for napping when the late afternoon sun creeps round the corner of the house. There are tunnels and cubes and a flashing ball in a track. I bought them a “Kitty in a Box” all the way from China. It’s one of those money-box toys and I taught some of the cats to press the button to make it work. Hearing the familiar sound of “HELLO!” at three o’clock in the morning has left me regretting my actions somewhat.

I bought them a second laser toy the other day. The previous one had become a bit predictable and I liked the way the new one scribbles randomly across the floor and up the walls. Of course, in a room where they can reach most of the walls, this has rapidly become a firm favourite. When I go upstairs in the morning to start cleaning litter trays, a furry tide sweeps up with me and rushes into the play den demanding that I make their toy work. Thankfully it switches off automatically after fifteen minutes, so I’m free to go about my business.

So what about the photograph featured above? It was taken yesterday morning and shows little Foxy sitting on top of the kitchen door. She isn’t the only one to do this as she learnt the trick from Gremlin, our Devon Rex. As if this wasn’t enough, we were woken just before the alarm today to see the little madam bounce from our bed, on to the cat tree in our bedroom and from there, up on to the beam running across the eaves. There she sat without a care in the world. Like I said… we live in a very mad house.

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