When I posted recently about little Foxy, I had no intention at the time to also write blog posts about our other two rescues from Constanta in Romania. However, I had to take a little break from the monitor as I was having some problems with my eyes. Actually, that should be eye (singular) as my left eye was lazy as a child and it doesn’t talk to my brain. Not a good thing for a photographer, but when my right eye developed double vision last month, I couldn’t help but think things weren’t looking good. Thankfully a trip to my lovely optician revealed nothing more than age related changes and two new pairs of glasses later, I’m a new woman.

During that time I had to put a hold on participating in my photography forum, editing for the remembrance baby charity and blogging. Words don’t look good when they are stacked one on top of the other. Taking photographs didn’t seem too bad though, so I’ve been getting the camera out at every available opportunity and this particular image was taken the other week of DeeDee sitting on top of our giant scratching post. She’s grown into a big girl and to be honest, she doesn’t fit all that well. For that reason she only stays put for a few seconds at a time, but at that moment I had the camera already in my hands and I got lucky.

I never thought taking photographs in our old house was going to work. For the most part backgrounds full of cat toys and cat trees are just too distracting. There are a couple of favourite spots though and this is one of them. Our little dining room has wood panelling and faces south. If I take a meter reading from one of our cats in the sun, then the background is beautifully under-exposed. I like the separation you get with the light and shade and the areas in and out of focus. So far I have photographed Bubu, Buddy, Foxy and DeeDee up here. Some of our other cats are too old or simply aren’t interested, but I really need to try with Chai and our little Devon Rex, Gremlin.

DeeDee is a very loving girl. Found as a small kitten and taken to my friend’s apartment where she runs a small rescue, she quickly joined Chai and Foxy and they grew up together until they were old enough to be adopted. I had already offered to adopt Chai on the day she was found and as DeeDee was going to a new home in Germany, we said we would take Foxy as well – we simply couldn’t split them up. However, a few days later I saw DeeDee being advertised again as the home check had failed. The girls had grown up together, so we said we would take all three. They have been with us for nearly two years now and it was definitely one of the best things we have ever done.

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