Foxy was one of the three rescues we adopted from my friend in Romania about eighteen months ago. She had been found as a tiny kitten, crying under a car in the early hours of the morning. My friend spent an hour trying to catch her, before taking her home and introducing her to Chai, who was to become her BFF (Best Friend Forever) and big sister. DeeDee was to join them both a few days later and because we couldn’t bear to split them up, the rest is history.

Foxy looked smaller than the others in the photo updates we were to receive before they were ready to travel, but we were not prepared for the little kitten/cat that we first saw in our cat basket when we went to collect them from the lovely transport people. She’ll grow, we said, but she never did and now she is probably past her second birthday, we know that she will always be this way.

She is tiny in her head too. I don’t mean that she is not intelligent, but somewhere deep inside there is a little kitten that just wants to be mothered. That is done, not only by Chai and DeeDee, but also by Bijou, another of our Romanian rescues. She has pretty much adopted Foxy as her daughter and the little minx knows she only has to cry in order to make Bijou come running. She wants attention from us too and from time to time will demand access to our shoulders, where she weaves up and down, kneading for all she is worth. I think she likes the view from up there, but as several of our other rescues do something similar, we just put it down to being an Eastern European thing.

She doesn’t do a great deal and out of all our (ten) cats is the one most likely to be found napping. She naps on our bed. She naps on the bedroom window sill in the sun. She naps in one of the padded beds in the attic when it’s cold. On the rare occasions she is conscious, she is often perched on the window sill in the front room where we can only assume she is watching one of the local birds build a nest in the old evergreen tree.

I started taking photographs of her there a few months ago. I was fascinated by the way you could see a profile of her face and also the reflection of the front of her face in the window. The light is appalling of course, but she generally remains motionless while I faff around with the camera. Sometimes she cackles at the birds and if I copy her, the resulting conversation can go on for ages. Only little Foxy knows what we are saying, but it seems to make her happy.

So here she is in the featured image above, our little magical kitten/cat. Loved by us and her feline friends. I’m so glad my friend took the time to rescue her that night.

Foxy on the Scratching Post

3 thoughts on “Foxy

      • I didn’t notice grubby windows. I think that the picture is great, and the window’s condition somehow lends itself to the photo, gives it a cloudy or dreamy effect that a shiny reflection wouldn’t have done.


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