Lady in red

I could so easily have stayed in Brick Lane all day, but I had seen an image taken on the Docklands Light Railway and I wanted to take a look. It needed sun and although the morning had been mostly cloudy, it was supposed to get brighter after lunch. Talking of lunch… before I left I had the most wonderful bag of takeaway chips from somewhere near the top end of the lane. I said yes to them being wrapped, but I didn’t expect them to be scattered in a box, wrapped like a Christmas present and then gently placed in a smart carrier bag. It was all fascinating, but I worried about the waste and more to the point, it was almost impossible to disassemble without a spare pair of hands. Those chips were delicious though!

It took me ages to find the nearest tube station and just my luck, it was one that required two changes to get on the DLR. The changes may only have been one stop each, but I got the distinct impression it would have been easier to walk. I finally made it though and found myself stepping on the first carriage of the little train and within moments we had set off. I have only travelled on this line once before and again I was struck by the way we wove in and out of the new buildings and past the regenerated docks.

I got out at Poplar and climbed the steps to the pedestrian walkway over the railway tracks. Reaching the end, I turned round and was met with a drab scene. I was there on time, but the sun was still napping behind a thick blanket of cloud. I took the decision to wait as it did appear a bit brighter over to the West. I watched a game of five-a-side football that was taking place down below and was in awe at the hardiness of the players as they ran around in T-shirts and shorts. I was wearing two tops under my winter coat and I was still freezing.

Eventually the game finished and they each went their separate ways leaving me alone. Not for long though as the sun finally put in an appearance. It was truly a sight for sore eyes and as I lifted the camera to my face there was one more treat in store. Way down at the other end of the tunnel I spotted a tiny figure in the brightest red coat I have ever seen. This was perfect, but were they going to turn right down the central steps? If they did, I knew it would be too far for my short zoom. I could feel my heart pounding as I waited. They approached the steps… and carried on walking! I couldn’t believe my luck as I rattled off several shots. One of the photographs can be seen as the featured image above. It is fast becoming one of my own personal favourites. The long walk was well worth it.

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