Brick Lane

I hadn’t been out of the house since we lost both our llamas before Christmas – literally on 21st and 23rd December. Finding the will to get out and about again was proving difficult, but I have always loved taking photographs in London during the winter and if I didn’t want to miss another year, I knew I had better act quickly.

We were having a new boiler fitted over two days as our old one had been messing around for several weeks. (It really hasn’t been the best of times at home). I had supervised one (bitterly cold) day while the guys did the preparatory work and my husband had agreed to work from home the following day. It seemed the ideal time, so I packed my gear and made an early start. Actually… it would have been an early start had they not messed around with the trains. Every other time I had caught one from home, it had left from one platform and returned on the other. It seems now only the early trains leave from that side and it took me a while to realise. By that time I had missed the first train, so I jumped on the next one which was going to Cannon Street instead.

As it turned out, it was closer to Brick Lane by tube and I probably arrived earlier in spite of my mishap. I found the area fairly quickly and spent the next three hours wandering around and having a great time. There were many fine examples of street art, but sadly for me, a lot were on narrow pavements with cars parked in front. I also found some on quiet side streets where parking was banned, but passing pedestrians were a bit thin on the ground. Street art really needs people to make it come alive, but all in all I got many interesting images.

The photograph featured above was taken just off Brick Lane and it was one I managed to grab in a couple of seconds. I spotted the red hat worn by this girl and knew instantly it would make a great contrast against the mostly green graffiti. The one below was also taken in a hurry across two very busy lanes of traffic.


This one seems to be fairly well-known as I found other images of it online. It was well hidden down a side street though and I had to wait a while for someone to pass by to give a bit of scale.

The Death of Ego

The graffiti may not be as interesting in this one, but I like the red combined with the blue and the lovely curves of the old brick arches.


The last two were both much smaller – only poster sized, but it goes to show how much there is to see if you keep your eyes open while you walk around. I could have spent the rest of the day here, but I had a mind to visit at least two more locations before I went home. It’s a place I would certainly love to visit again though.



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