Shadow cats

It began the other week when I asked on my photography forum about using bed sheets as a background for the cats. Our house is very old and quite dark inside and the only rooms that get any light at all are our bedroom and the dining room. Even then, the cats have to be very close to the window to avoid silly shutter speeds. If I’m working on the bed, then I have to drape a second hand blanket over two storage boxes and if I’m lucky that gives me an area about two feet square. Having recently bought a cheap prop, I’ve been keen to give it a whirl, but it’s likely to result in the cats being much more active and I need more space.

The guys were very kind, but said they prefer to see pets in their home environment. Of course, our home is likely to be very different to theirs (imagine living with ten cats and eight ferrets indoors), so I’ve decided to buy the sheets anyway. Or rather I would if I could get access to the outside world at the moment, but our phone and internet connection have been down for nearly a week. So my new toy will have to wait a bit longer, but yesterday I found myself having a photo shoot with the cats regardless.

I was just getting ready for lunch when I passed the dining room and spotted Bubu on the giant scratching post. I’ve photographed some of them there before because I love the quality of the light, but this time it was his shadow that caught my eye. I hesitated for a moment – so many times I’ve rushed to grab the camera and returned to find the cat in question on the way to see what I’m up to. This time I got lucky and I found not only Bubu still in place on his perch, but DeeDee was on the window sill.

This was great, so I settled down on the floor to make a start, but Buddy had spotted the camera strap dangling over my shoulder. I was trying to take photographs with him hanging off one arm. I grabbed the strap and wound it round my wrist. Buddy wasn’t going to be put off and wrapped both paws around my hand. I hissed gently at him and he gave up and went to see what his friends were up to. So now I had three cats all enjoying themselves in the afternoon sun, casting shadows on the opposite wall.

At one point two of them had a play fight and I was fortunate enough to capture a couple of shots. We must have spent about ten minutes in all and I have kept five of the images. Very little processing has been done and I deliberately chose to keep the warm cast made by the low afternoon sun. The paintwork is far from white anyway and I like the warm tones.

Now all I have to do is figure out how to get these on a blog post. I managed the other day, but it took the better part of three hours. Fingers crossed that we have our connection back before I try and do this again.

Shadow cats2

Shadow cats3

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