A Pearl for Christmas

Pearl in this case is a nine month old stray kitten from Bulgaria. I first spotted her in a Facebook post entitled “poor tortured Pearl” and what I read simply broke my heart. She was adopted locally and her owner didn’t waste any time finding a disreputable vet to declaw the little scrap illegally. With nothing left to protect herself, she was then given to the children to play with. The kitten and a cigarette lighter. Having burned her ears, whiskers, tail and paws, terrified Pearl somehow ended up going over the balcony of their sixth floor flat, where they didn’t even bother to go and see if she was still alive. Instead, they rang her rescuer, who rushed over to find her lying in a pool of blood with a broken jaw.

Back with someone to care for her properly, she eventually made a good recovery, although her mouth will never be the same. She was looking for another home, a proper one and hopefully in time to have her own bed underneath the Christmas tree. I couldn’t say no. She was prepared in record time – blood tested, chipped, given a passport and a rabies jab and I made arrangements to have her transported over on the last run of the year. My dear friend in Sofia collected her on 13th December and the next day she set out on her journey home. It took three days and then she was required to stay in a cattery for another two before we could go and collect her. We finally picked her up on 20th December and she has been settling in very well.

She started in the dining room where she could look into the garden and on her first night she saw one of our badgers. After a couple of days she began exploring the house and now nothing can stop her. She spends a lot of time in the little attic room we converted into a kitty play den, where she repeatedly asks us to turn on the laser toy. She has already got through one set of batteries and the way she is going, the current set isn’t going to see the New Year. Our other nine cats have been absolutely brilliant and we are hoping they will all be good friends very soon.

We finally got some decent light to have a photo shoot on the bed and Pearl was a willing model. Maybe a little too willing as she loved the toy so much we found it hard to keep her still for more than a couple of seconds. I eventually got the shot I wanted for her rescuers. You can see her undershot jaw as a result of the fall, but it doesn’t seem to give her any problems. The saddest thing is watching her trying to play with a little catnip mouse and being unable to control it without any claws. Whatever torture her previous owner inflicted on her, Pearl now has a safe home for ever and we already love her very much.

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