Chai is going to work

It’s been just over a year since we collected Chai, Foxy and DeeDee from the people who transported them from their wonderful rescuer in Romania. In that time we finally got them spayed. We wanted to have them all done together, but once they started coming into season it became a logistical nightmare. First it was DeeDee and when she was OK, Chai had a problem with a little abscess. Once that was healed, DeeDee was in season again. I booked them in the following Friday, but on the previous Wednesday, Foxy started calling. In the end we took Chai with DeeDee and when it was finally little Foxy’s turn, DeeDee went along for the day to keep her company.

They have all grown since then. DeeDee is enormous, Chai has filled out and Foxy is still so tiny, but quite a bit heavier. They remain devoted to one another and since I gave up work a few months ago, they adore having me at home all day. They have a very definite routine and now (mid-afternoon on a sunny September afternoon), they are all crashed out. We have eleven cats and there hasn’t been a peep out of any of them for the past couple of hours. They will wake up when my husband gets home from work and hurtle around until they flood upstairs with me at bed time. I couldn’t imagine life without them.

Many years ago I volunteered for Pets As Therapy, but back then we had to find our own location and I settled on the local hospice. It did mean that I had to do their eight week course, but I found it interesting and useful. By the end I was ready to start work with our rescued tabby, Oscar. Sadly we only did the one visit. Oscar behaved perfectly, but the staff seemed to be too busy to arrange future visits and eventually I stopped phoning and everything just fizzled out.

Recently my husband has been hinting that I should volunteer for something again, so I thought I would give it another go. Not the hospice, as I gather they are doing their own thing outside the charity, but this time I have a wonderful local co-ordinator who has pencilled us in at a local care home where we moved my Mum in the last eight weeks of her life. At first I didn’t think it would be a good idea, but the staff were very friendly and I don’t have to carry the cat basket along any busy roads.

I picked Chai as she adores everyone, in spite of the abuse she received as a tiny kitten. Found in a park with cuts all over, her lower lip detached, throat cut and both front legs broken, she would have died had it not been for her rescuer (and now one of my dearest friends). I chose the pink walking jacket in honour of this kind soul as I know it is her favourite colour. Once Chai is familiar with it, I will make an appointment for her temperament assessment and then I will send off all the paperwork. It may take a while until we hear if we have been approved, but if so, Chai will be going out to work with me. I keep telling her I have found her a job where she can sit on people’s laps to be loved. Which is just what she deserves.

Supergirl Chai

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