Ribblehead Viaduct

With just a few weeks to go until my trip to the Lake District, I find my thoughts going back to my very first short break with the camera. I had chosen to visit the Yorkshire Dales for one last time. I hadn’t been for many years and I missed the beautiful scenery. At the time I still belonged to a forum owned by a well-known photographer from the area and I was keen to try some of his black and white techniques.

Naturally I had planned to do far too much and I found myself whittling down the locations as I drove up to Wensleydale where I would be staying for three nights. I have already blogged about some of my adventures there, including battling freezing rain and hail on Twistleton Scar, as I failed miserably to find the erratic on Scales Moor. I did find my own erratics in the end, but I returned to the car several hours later cold, tired and more than a tad the worse for wear. I needed to warm up, preferably in a good pub and luckily I found one close to my next location at Ribblehead viaduct.

The place was almost empty as I ordered a vegetarian meal and when the landlord asked where I was going to sit, I pointed to the little table next to the open fire. It was late October and I knew I would feel the chill once I was back outside, but it was worth it. I was still waiting for lunch to arrive and poring over the images I had taken that morning when I suddenly became aware of the pub filling up rapidly. There must have been a couple of dozen people and they all seemed to know one another. I moved up to let a couple squeeze in on my little table and they introduced themselves. It seems they had been making a full length film in the area and they called the star over to say hello. The film was called “Lad: A Yorkshire Story” and more details can be found on the web site HERE. They were interested in the fact that I had also been out and about in the bitter weather that morning and I must admit that they were the most excellent company as we had lunch together. I feel rather bad that I still haven’t tracked down a copy of the film, but I will do one day.

Eventually it was time for me to put on my soggy jacket and venture back outside. I wasn’t sure where they were filming during the afternoon, but I saw no-one else for the rest of the day. I had to walk to the opposite side of the viaduct for the best view and battle my way through the boggy undergrowth. Several times it threatened to remove my boots and by the time I was where I needed to be, I was totally exhausted. I had to stay there for another couple of hours though until conditions were right for the photograph featured above. During that time I had to endure several more hailstorms, but I think it was worth it. A small train even passed at just the right time.

The image below was a self portrait taken on my way back to the car.

Self Portrait with Thunderstorm

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