It’s really odd, but just as I typed the title here, I spotted two of our badgers in the garden. They come round every night for the peanuts we put down and I have a perfect view of them from where I sit at the computer in the study. It’s a view I could never get tired of and yes… I do know how lucky we are.

They turned up early this evening. Probably because the weather is pretty awful – it’s supposed to be the shortest night of the year, but it’s nearly dark at 8.30 p.m. and it’s raining. I breathe a sigh of relief that I decided to photograph them a couple of nights ago. The light was better, but they appeared nearly half an hour later. There I was, sat on four bricks by the edge of the lawn, ISO cranked up to 4000 and the aperture as wide as it would go. I was still left with a shutter speed of less than 1/100th. (Actually, the featured image at the top was taken at just 1/25th – I really know how to push my luck!)

They normally eat on the path, but for the sake of a better background we started moving them on to the grass a few days ago. The ploy worked, but they needed a trail to follow and by the time they chomped their way close enough the light was appalling, I was covered in gnat bites and had a numb bum. At least they are used to me, but not the camera and in the beginning they spooked with the autofocus and the shutter. They settled quickly though and my next problem was getting their attention. Eventually I had to whistle and it worked like a dream. I got the look I wanted AND they were still for long enough to cope with the gloom.

By the time I got to 1/13th and things became impossible, I then had the problem of how to get back indoors without a stampede. I needn’t have worried. I tried talking to them and they just carried on. I stood up – one moved, but the other didn’t. I just wish they turned up a little earlier…


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