Another Happy Blogday!

So I’ve been writing this blog for exactly two years today. Various image sharing sites and forums have been and gone in that time and I’m still happy prattling away in here. It’s nice when others take the time to read of course, but if I didn’t enjoy it for myself, then there wouldn’t be much point.

I did finally stumble across a forum where I am happy. The members are a decent bunch and I appreciate their honesty. Several are friends in real life and I’m hoping to get the chance to meet up with at least a couple of them when I travel up to the Lake District at the end of September. There is still a lot of homework to do before then, but I’m looking forward to a peaceful few days with the camera. My ultra wide zoom should prove even more useful than it was in Exmoor. At the moment my biggest problem is finding locations that I can manage without pushing myself too hard. I found one stunning spot that I was desperate to visit. If you Google the place, then a few people have been there, but as part of a twenty mile march involving difficult terrain. I had a sneaking suspicion there was an easier way, but it took an awful lot of work and an e-mail to someone who had recently visited the spot to confirm my thoughts. All I need now is some decent weather. I’ve been lucky every year so far, but will it hold out for just a little bit longer? I do hope so.

Before this massive trip in September though, there will be what I anticipate to be a fun day out at the Holi festival of colour in London in early August. Sadly it has little to do with the real thing as that is an ancient Hindu religious festival that takes place in the Spring. Party goers do throw coloured powder though and thinking it would be a great event to photograph, I duly paid for a ticket. Then came the fears about how I was going to protect my camera gear. I found tips online about how to wrap a lens in cling film and tape up all the nooks and crannies, but these people were professional photographers who could pay for an expensive clean afterwards, or even claim for damage on their insurance. I was fortunate enough to win my A700 in a national competition. It’s not going to happen again and I can’t afford to replace it.

So I turned to Amazon for a cheap and cheerful point and shoot and found one in the shape of a little Nikon Coolpix at just under £30. I chose it for the size and also for the fact that at 14Mp, the images are slightly larger than those from my Sony. If there was any loss in quality, at least it would make up for that in the number of pixels to work with. I’ll be honest and say that I haven’t found it easy to get used to. Most of the “scenes” come with focus fixed on infinity or with the flash enabled. There only seem to be two remaining – food and museum, but that is enough for me.

The test shots have been most impressive and one of the nicest additions has been the ability to do macro photography. It’s probably not ideal because it only works at the widest end of the zoom and macro at 28mm takes a bit of getting used to. It has opened up a whole new world for me though and recently I watched the dandelions in the garden change from yellow flowers to the fluffy seed heads that we all know and love. I had no idea that they remained closed for so long and I had to wait more than a week for the image featured below. It was taken while I should have been feeding the animals outside one evening, but my wonderful husband took over at the last minute. Just as well too because it was a breezy night and they were all gone by the following morning.

The photograph of the wood anemone was also taken with the little Coolpix. Now I have a great little macro camera, I need to protect it at the festival in August. So back to Amazon for a cheap underwater housing…

Dandelion Clock

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