Grotty door handle

The title of this blog post comes courtesy of my husband, who won’t be best pleased when he finds out I wrote about the photograph anyway. So… to cut a long story short, we were cleaning the ferret room on Saturday morning. Of course, we clean it every day – twice a day in fact, but on Saturday it is the big clean when we change all their fleece bedding. I was on my way to the utility room to collect the bag where it lives until I can find the time to do all the washing and drying, when I spotted the light on the back of the old door. I liked the patterns, probably made as the sun forced its way through the branches of the big, old yew tree and across the top of the Ceanothus.

Light moves very quickly in these circumstances and in less than two minutes I had grabbed the camera and taken a couple of photographs. I didn’t even bother to stop and change the settings, but when I realised the ISO was still set at 3200, I dropped it down and tried again. Only the light had moved and wasn’t anywhere near as interesting. So that was it. I hung around for a few minutes, but then the shadows passed over our stack of cat baskets and I knew I wouldn’t be getting another chance that day.

It’s a photograph of almost nothing and yet I find it fascinating. You can clearly see where the original handle was replaced. I remember it became rather loose and eventually we were both wary of closing the door in case the handle fell off completely and we were stuck in the utility room with no way of getting out! I got paranoid about the cats and the washing machine and pretty much stood guard in front of the partly open door while my husband was inside with the washing. The new handle represents safety and the relief that I found from simply being able to close the door once again.

More than the handle though, you can see the holes left over from a small bolt in the top left hand corner and the question springs to mind. Why? Our utility room is about as small as it is possible to get and with the washing machine, freezer and cat baskets, there is barely enough room for one person inside. Why on earth would anyone want or need to bolt the door from the inside? Maybe it had a different purpose when that part of the house was built all those years ago. Maybe it’s time we did a bit more research about where we have been living for the past twenty years. On the other hand, perhaps not. I can’t help but think the real reason for that little bolt could never be as mysterious as the reasons conjured up by my fertile imagination.

Best to simply let it be and to enjoy this photograph at face value. Just a grotty door handle with a touch of winter sunshine.

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