Christmas is coming!

On Christmas Day last year I blogged about how we had forgotten the old tree had been thrown out the previous year. It had become far too tatty and we feared the cats might come to some harm if they tried to eat the bits that were dropping on the floor. My husband rummaged around in the attic for ages before we finally remembered. Instead, we draped the lights over a tall piece of furniture and all things considered, it looked quite festive. They could even be seen from the hall as they were reflected in the front windows.

This year I decided we weren’t going to be in the same position on Christmas Eve, so we visited the local garden centre last week and bought a new tree, complete with lights and a full set of baubles. We don’t use tinsel in any form as it is dangerous to cats and even a tiny piece can kill. The boxes are now piled upstairs, but the cats know something is up. So far they have ripped enough cardboard off to be able to reach in and touch the tree. Admittedly they have to go in up to their armpits (do cats have armpits?), but they won’t be deterred. Nothing is sacred!

The other evening my husband thought it would be a good idea to test the lights and as I watched the glow from the little LEDs, I wondered if it would be possible to use them to illuminate the kittens. Once more I dragged the old blanket from the attic and draped it over the door to their play den. The lights were carefully untangled and then hung in loops from the top edge. We didn’t need to call the cats as they were already “helping”.

It was dark outside by this time and the upstairs lights were turned off. Although the decorations looked magical, my camera was screaming that it was almost pitch black. I pushed the ISO as high as I dared (which isn’t very far) and set about taking a few photographs. DeeDee was up first, but she has less white on her than some of the others and I couldn’t find anything to focus on. The camera hunted around for ages, but wouldn’t settle on anything. We let DeeDee play for a couple of minutes and then replaced her with Chai. She has more white on her body and although the camera struggled, I eventually managed to get a couple of shots and the result can be seen below. I’m tempted to see if I can get this made into a set of unique Christmas cards to use next year.

The image featured at the top is of Foxy and Bubu together on the blanket. My intention had been to photograph one at a time, but they were far too interested to wait. While they may not understand the concept of Christmas, they certainly know something is about to happen. Other boxes have been arriving in the post and have been carefully stored upstairs along with the tree. They know boxes contain fun things like toys and I can’t wait to see their little faces when they are finally opened in just two weeks time. Christmas is definitely coming!


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