Foggy lane

Running beside our property is a very long and overgrown coach road. Before we moved to the area I gather it was used by a few of the local horse riders, which must have kept it reasonably clear. More recently it has been the subject of a dispute between the owner and a local rambler’s association. I may have lost the plot between claim and counter-claim. I did get the impression that the ramblers won, but if they did, we certainly haven’t seen any sign of them. The gate now stands chained and probably buried in the undergrowth and trees, broken by recent storms, have dropped branches as far as the eye can see.

It used to be the way next door’s sheep came in their long trek to graze in our back garden, but if Dolly and her companions were still around, I doubt very much that they would choose this route now. It looks sad and forgotten, but I like it. I especially love it when there is fog in the early morning and the sun is making a brave effort to break through.

It was such a morning as we were leaving home and I took the decision to stay a little longer and take a few photographs. My husband was needed elsewhere that day and had a hire car, so I was able to please myself. I waved him goodbye and crept back indoors to get the camera. The house was silent as the cats had settled down for a hard day’s napping. I walked back to the coach road and spent a few minutes standing in the long, wet grass. I loved the soft, muted colours and the gentle light. Not far away I could see a few spider’s webs covered in dew.

Foggy Tree

Photo session over, I put the camera away and drove myself to work. Later on that evening, the images were processed and the results can be seen above.

By comparison, the image below was taken about thirty years ago with my trusty OM2n and slide film. It must have sat all those years in my filing cabinet, but I had completely forgotten about it until I had another blitz on my scanning back log a few months ago. Of course, now I can remember taking it as though it was yesterday. The circumstances were remarkably similar. I was once again off to work and at the time I lived in a lovely old mobile home on a 1-in-3 hill. The views were breath-taking as you could see right across to the other side of the valley. I love the effect of the different layers, with the trees opposite my home on the right hand side and then the lines of trees fading away into the distance.

Foggy Cudham

They say there is no such thing as bad weather for photography. Only the need to wear suitable clothes for what you might encounter. So bring on the fog, the rain, the wind and the snow. I’ll be ready for you!

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