My small, friendly photography forum

And by “my” forum, this time I do mean it is my forum. I know I shouldn’t keep looking back, but I get hurt when circumstances change and my once-friendly forum turns into something I didn’t expect. I made the mistake of having one more peek where I used to hang out, only to find there was yet more upset and this time several of my friends were packing their bags. I was gutted and mentioned it to my husband one Sunday morning as we were about to start cleaning the ferret room. I had just changed my web hosting and we had been talking about the massive 400Gb storage and how I might use some of it. He joked that I had enough room to run my own forum. I considered this for all of three seconds, before leaving him to get the ferrets up while I sent a quick e-mail.

It was never my intention to poach. Everyone invited had already left, making it clear they would not be back. I only wanted to keep some old friends together, rather than see them going their separate ways. To my surprise, they were all in on my little venture and I had to consider my next problem. I have never even moderated on a forum before, let alone set one up and run it as an administrator.

It took me two days before I had something up and running. I picked some software, installed a theme and tweaked it to fit before my dear friends turned up and started posting. It felt good until I realised we were going to have a problem with image sizes, as we have such a wide range of monitors and screen resolutions. So I changed the theme for a fluid one, found some code that magically got rid of the scroll bars and started looking at mods (modifications).

So here we are less than three weeks later and it’s nice to be once again surrounded by fellow lovers of photography. It hasn’t been easy finding more members, but I can only hope that in time the numbers will increase enough to make the place viable. This is different to my blog and web site, where I alone am responsible for the content. I desperately want this new venture to work, but I know it will take time. If you are interested in a real name forum, where giving respect counts for more than being heard, then why not pop in and say hello?

Sadly edited to say that we never did get enough members to get the forum off the ground. It was fun while it lasted!

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