The wreck at Crow Point

Crow Point is situated at the very end of Braunton Burrows. Even though I had read the area covered an amazing 1,500 acres, I was still surprised at how long it took to get there. Parking wasn’t difficult this time and crossing to the beach I was thrilled at my decision to tackle this location at sunset. There was still more than an hour to go and my original plan had been to photograph the colourful wreck quickly and then move on to the dunes for a view over the sea. The most likely spot had looked to be about a mile away and the dunes were high. Much higher than expected and my knee was still throbbing from a fall the day before. I chickened out and decided to stick with the wreck, which was still a fair way in the distance. There wasn’t much chance of me getting lost on the way back to the car in the fading light.

As things turned out it was probably the right thing to do. The wreck had been badly damaged in the terrible storms of the previous winter, but there was still enough worth photographing and it was a pleasant place to linger until the sun went down. Several dog walkers passed by and then up on the gap between the dunes I spotted the silhouettes of two people on horseback. The sun dropped low enough to cast a long shadow across the sand. This caught my eye, so I set up the tripod and started work. Later on I was feeling sorry for myself, knowing the sun would disappear around the same spot I had seen the horses and I wouldn’t see it set over the water. Then I realised it would pass between a narrow gap and I quickly moved across to where I thought everything would be in alignment.

So this is how things looked some twenty minutes later. I had judged the distance perfectly and got some nice flare into the bargain. As I packed up and made my way back to the car, I came across the two horses being loaded into a trailer. I’m not sure who had the best experience of this magical place.

Crow Point Wreck2

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