The girls are here!

You would have thought that seven cats in one house would be more than enough for anyone. Of course we had far more in the past, but we were younger then and we seemed to have more of everything – cats, money, time and energy for starters! We had been holding steady at around nine or ten for some considerable time, but sadly we lost two of our older cats in quick succession a few months ago. I did post about dear Flossy, but when we lost Squeak exactly one week later, I was too heartbroken to take to the keyboard again. Seven seemed OK and I must admit that life had become easier, although I would have returned to those days of special feeds and pills and washing endless piles of dirty towels in a heartbeat. Still… I had to accept the losses and maybe see the extra time gained as a parting gift from them. It didn’t last long.

One of my Facebook friends from Romania was given a tiny kitten, found in a park with the most horrendous injuries. She (we didn’t know she was a girl back then) had been cut all over, had a detached lower lip, a slashed throat and both front legs had been broken. Heaven only knows how the vet patched her up that night, but they certainly saved her life. I saw the first heartrending video of her eating after the surgery, on her little knees and unable to move anywhere under her own steam. My wonderful friend cared for her over the coming months, carrying her round with her head and neck bandaged and her legs in splints made from lolly sticks. Her lip was worrying, but the vet feared she was too tiny and at risk from further surgery and eventually it was left to heal by itself.

And heal she did and somehow when it was time for her to find a new home, it had become obvious she would be heading in our direction. So meet the beautiful Chai, who so kindly agreed to model for me yesterday morning. She is easily the most extraordinary cat I have ever encountered. Having known nothing but love and kindness since being taken in, she is unbelievably affectionate and demonstrative. This becomes clear in the middle of the night when she can’t go for more than a couple of hours without a kiss and a cuddle. She loves nothing more than wrapping herself around my neck and padding with her front paws, while purring constantly at full volume. She drools too and I have finally found a use for the box of tissues kept in my bedside cabinet.

Chai didn’t come to us alone though, as it was clear she had become attached to a tiny little kitten found crying under a car in the middle of the night only days later. Her rescuer called her Foxy and from the videos it looked as though she regarded Chai as her big sister. Only the most heartless person could split them up, so we offered to take them both.


There had been another kitten too, only the day after Foxy had been picked up. We wondered if they were from the same litter, but DeeDee turned out to be a lot bigger and much more independent. She had been offered a home in Germany and everyone seemed to have a happy ending, only I spotted her looking for a home again only a couple of weeks later. Sadly her home check had failed and of course, it wouldn’t have been fair to take two and leave one behind. So, a week ago we got up early in the morning to get the animals done, so we could drive up to Essex and collect all three. They have settled in very well and have been accepted by our existing cats. We now have less time again as they want to play or simply to be picked up and cuddled. Once again, life is manic, but I couldn’t be happier. I will be forever grateful to the caring soul who nursed these kittens back to health and who showed them nothing but love and respect.


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