Clickin Moms digital print competition

Well, I’ve only been in my new forum for a few months, but I love it! It is so friendly, polite and the most important thing – there are no nasty surprises! In fact, quite the opposite as I received some wonderful news the other week with a notification that two of my images had been selected in their VOICE digital print competition. From their web page:

“The purpose of VOICE is to recognise and celebrate images in 14 separate categories that encapsulate the spirit of this special collection – vision, originality, inspiration, creativity and overall excellence. From over 8,000 entries, the VOICE judging panel selected 268 images for this year’s collection. We are honoured to recognize the photographers whose images have been selected for the 2014 VOICE collection.”

The link to their gallery is here and I must say that I am blown away to have my work included alongside that of so many talented photographers. They will always be an inspiration to me.

Not only the gallery, but they kindly provided us with templates to make the images you see featured here, although I almost fell at the first hurdle. These people are far more knowledgeable about Photoshop than I will ever be. The template consists of layers for each of the 14 categories and then layers below that to turn the different elements on and off. I must have sat here playing for the best part of half an hour before spotting the useful layer at the very bottom entitled “put your image here”. After that it was plain sailing and the two were done in a matter of minutes. Of course, I don’t actually sell my work so these won’t be going on my web site, but it seemed a shame not to use them at all. Hence this short blog and the opportunity to show off. Just a little bit.


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