Happy Blogday to me!

It’s been exactly one year since I started this blog and a tad less since I left Flickr. I have no regrets. Having thought long and hard since leaving my photography forum, I have no regrets about that either. The biggest mistake I made was thinking of the other members as friends – it’s one I won’t make again. My new forum is OK, but I’m less inclined to share images. Previously, if I had taken a photograph I was pleased with, I couldn’t wait to upload it to share and for comments. Somehow I’m not bothered any more… perhaps because the place is so large that you rarely get the same person commenting twice. The language is different too. I don’t just mean the obvious ones between English and American, but the majority make their living as portrait photographers. There are clearly defined sessions that mean nothing to me. For weeks I looked at the various sections thinking it was nice of them to have one called “Seniors”. I imagined touching black and white images of grey-haired parents at ruby wedding celebrations, or maybe a close up of weathered hands clutching a cup of tea. Imagine my surprise when I finally looked inside to find youngsters in evening dress – one brave girl was riding a horse bareback through the snow. I gazed at this for several minutes before the penny dropped. This was the high school prom and nothing to do with OAPs at all!

Whether I stay or not when my six months is up isn’t that important. I’m happy with my photography and I like what I do with it. The YouTube channel is a bit of fun and the web site is where I like to display my favourite images. I love WordPress too, although I am obviously not a natural writer. I think it’s good to have a bit of discipline, which is why I try to do a minimum of three posts per month. I’d love to do more, but it’s impossible between work and the zoo.

And what of the future? I really must put a bit more effort into having the odd day out. Not just me with the camera, but my husband and I have only had one brief outing in well over eighteen months. Then there is my trip to Exmoor to plan. Only three or four nights, but it gives me the opportunity to try my hand at landscapes. Normally I would have the entire trip planned down to the tiniest detail by now, but I’ve done far too much in the past and I need a rest. I’ll probably do a couple of beaches and I may go back to the old wreck on Berrow beach. Sunset this time, so I will eventually have to look at the tide tables and buy some new batteries for my torch. (My husband has been using it to check on the chickens during the winter). I have a new lens that I can’t wait to use – courtesy of a very dear friend. All in the garden is rosy.

Looking forward to another year of WordPress and to celebrating my second Blogday!

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