Flopsy, Mopsy and Cottontail

It was a remark made by my husband the other night that made me think I had better write this blog post while I can. The image above was taken from our study window a couple of years ago and my comments in Adobe Bridge were that it was either Flopsy, Mopsy or Cottontail. At the time we had three very large rabbits living close to the garden and visiting on a regular basis for food. Not only do we have half an acre of lawn, but we put corn out for the birds and peanuts during the evening for the badgers. Any leftover food from the llamas is tipped on the grass for “recycling”.

I had been after a photograph of our rabbits for some time, but although we often see them through the windows, they are skittish when we are outside and my short zoom can’t get close enough. On this particular day the sun had already disappeared behind the trees in the west and with no reflections on the glass, I was able to take this through the window from where I normally sit at the computer.

Of course, time flies and we probably didn’t notice the change in numbers. The rabbits breed every year, but sadly the little ones don’t do well due to the proximity of our cats. Merlin can’t be bothered with the big bunnies, but the babies have no sense of fear. If any do survive, I presume they move on to territories new, leaving their parents behind. It was my husband’s comment that there are normally two rabbits hanging around for the goat mix that made me realise one of our visitors must have gone to that great rabbit warren in the sky. We have literally dozens of rabbits in our fields and I hadn’t noticed the subtle shift.

Now we only have one visitor and I took the photograph below the other night as we were doing the evening rounds. He’s been eating the leftovers in front of the kitchen window for the past couple of weeks – so much, that he has now worn a bare patch in the lawn. Either his companion is more wary and remains out of sight elsewhere in the garden, or we really are down to our last semi-tame rabbit. The light was fading quickly as I took this from the dining room, but as he turned his head at a noise from the kitchen, his ears caught the very last rays.

He looks old and tatty now and I’m worried because I didn’t see him last night. We were running late and I carried Merlin indoors as it started to rain. We still had the cats to feed and the ferret room to clean, but every time I passed through the kitchen, I peered out of the window, but the lawn remained bare. Maybe he will be there tonight.

I just checked and he is!

Wild Rabbit

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