Mr and Mrs

Spring really is busting out all over and as if to prove the point, we have a pair of blue tits nesting behind the wall of our bedroom. I spotted one on the roof of our porch last weekend with a beak full of moss and dried grass. He kept turning this way and that, as though waiting until he wasn’t being watched. In reality he was, because our two Romanian kittens were cackling at him from their perch on the other side of the window. When they couldn’t contain their excitement any longer, he flew a few feet towards the house, where he disappeared through a gap between the boards. The kittens were beside themselves, but I just smiled, knowing this would be my best opportunity to photograph one of these shy little birds.

I had tried at the bird feeder on previous occasions. We have their larger cousins, the great tits, in huge numbers and eventually my patience would be rewarded as some would get brave enough to visit while I was standing only a few feet away. One of our local robins will also venture close enough and a tame blackbird will actually come when called. The blue tits have remained elusive though and with only a short zoom lens and no hide, I had pretty much crossed them off my list.

So a few days ago, I hatched a plan and when Mr Blue Tit next put in an appearance, we shut the cats out of the bedroom, I poked the lens through a gap in the curtain and waited. And waited. While he didn’t seem to mind hopping around just feet away from the cats, it looked as though he was only comfortable with the mesh screen in place. With most of the animals still to feed and clean, I gave up and put the camera away. Some time later the breeze drifting down the stairs from the partially open window had a distinctly chilly feel, so before heading outside to see to the chickens, I went upstairs to close it.

There were now three cats lined up along the window sill staring intently at something outside. It could only mean one thing – our little visitor was back. This time I didn’t bother about moving the cats and instead I took the photographs through one of the window panes. Part way through the session, another little bird appeared. I can only assume it was Mrs Blue Tit keeping an eye on the building work!

Blue Tit2

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