Box of toys

So, my box of toys finally arrived and I’ve been playing with them for the past couple of weeks. The image below was the first attempted and I have been rather pleased with the results. I’ve never seen glow sticks before and when I opened the box I was instantly disappointed. It looked for all the world as though it only contained red and yellow. Then my husband pointed out that the colours had slight variations and there were some clear ones as well. We laid out an assortment on some sheets of old newspaper and wearing a pair of rubber gloves, set them glowing before carefully cutting off the ends. The contents were gently shaken into some old flower vases and we turned off the lights to check. Wow!

Unfortunately the effect didn’t last long as the liquid kept running down the glass, so I set up the camera and tripod and we topped up the glow. This was taken on the window sill in the dining room with an exposure of 10 seconds. Even though we had been careful, there were specks of light across the carpet and up the furniture, but thankfully it washed off easily.

Glowing Glass

A couple of days later and I turned my attention to the next toy – one hundred packs of assorted water beads. I had no idea how much they would swell, but one pack in each colour was emptied into a glass fruit bowl, topped up with water and they were left to “cook” in the utility room, away from the cats. By the time it was dark outside, the bowl was carried carefully into the dining room where I lit the beads from below with a handful of glow sticks. The exposure for this one was 13 seconds.

Water Beads1

Finally the featured image above was taken the other morning on the bathroom window sill. I was fascinated by the waves formed where the beads met the water.

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