Beam me up Scotty

Taken last night for a themed competition in my favourite photography forum. The theme is Modified Light and because I thought it would need some fancy lighting equipment (which I don’t have), I said I would give it a miss. They are such a friendly group that they encouraged me to don my thinking cap and give it a go anyway. I don’t know why I came up with this idea, but within minutes I had replied I was off to assemble a torch, a colander and a kitten. It took a few days to find the time to give this a try after work, but yesterday we decided to do a test run.

I always thought it would be difficult and I wasn’t wrong. To get the type of light patterns on the floor that I wanted, the colander and torch had to be at just the right height. The dining room was chosen as the only suitable location, but it is always full of cat stuff (scratching post, litter trays and a big box of old newspapers). I covered the floor with a dark blanket and the radiator in the background was draped in a similar coloured sheet. Tying the colander underneath the existing light fitting was fiddly enough, but then the torch had to be inserted in the middle and several inches higher. Finally it was all ready, but by now the cats had decided we were making them a new toy and we had more models than I could possibly handle. Gremlin and Bijou were ushered out for being the wrong colour – the light levels were so low that the lens simply couldn’t focus and I needed Bubu with his big patches of white and ginger. Even then it was very hit and miss, but I did manage to get a few shots.

This image was hand held at one-third of a second and with no cropping and very little processing. In case this didn’t work out, I also bought a few cheap toys off the internet and intend to play with them this weekend. Watch this space!

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