The first image here was quite deliberate. I had discovered this recently opened railway tunnel in the Peak District, but any photograph worth having meant taking along the tripod and cable release. In the end the extra weight didn’t matter because it doubled as a walking stick on the trek back up! I knew I wanted people in the scene, so it was just a matter of biding my time until some suitable subjects passed by. The tunnel was opened in 2011 and isĀ ideal for both walkers and cyclists. The western end opens out on to the beautiful Monsal dale viaduct.

The image below was taken during an outing to Sheffield Park last month. We had gone to wander around during the most colourful time of the year and I was hoping to photograph the trees and fallen leaves. In spite of the weather being very dull and overcast, the soft light really brought out the wonderful tones. I had taken a few photographs that I was pleased with, but as the conditions were starting to deteriorate, we made the decision to go home. It was just as we were nearing the exit that I spotted the wonderful berries on this little tree. With the bench in the background it had to be worth a try. Out came the tripod again and it was while I was fumbling in my bag for the cable release that this family walked over and sat down. I was surprised, as the lens was pointing in their direction, but there were so many photographers walking around that perhaps they didn’t give me a second thought. With no time to find the rest of my gear, I pressed the shutter button by hand. I think the four-second exposure more than compensated for any movement I might have caused. I like the way the Mother and her children are still according to their respective ages. The Mum only moved her head and hands, while the older girl was fidgeting from the waist up. The youngest is just a total blur, while Dad walks around behind the bench.

Ghosts in the Park

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