For a cat barely a year old, Bubu often sits around the house like a little old man. The rest of the time he tears about like a thing possessed. The rare occasions when he does go to sleep, it is either curled in a ball, or stretched out contentedly looking for all the world as though he has been filleted. He does sit awkwardly though. So far I have identified three distinct positions. The first I call “step kitty” and involves parking his bottom on a lower level, while leaning on a higher step with his front legs. A typical example can be seen below.

Kitten and Coke Bottle

Depending on the distance between the two steps, this position can have many variations and I have seen it used successfully in virtually every room. The next position can only be performed on a narrow ledge in front of a window. Every other cat in the house will sit sideways on and turn their head for a better view of the garden. Not our Bubu, who somehow manages to sit facing front, meerkat fashion, while sagging gently in the middle.

The third position, which I can only refer to as “slumped”, normally takes place before, during or after a washing session. He seems to get himself ready to groom and then either forgets or gets distracted with something else. When I spotted the featured image the other day, I thought there was no way I could walk through the dining room, grab my camera from the study next door and get back in time to take a photograph. I tried anyway and it turns out I was wrong. I only got the chance of one shot though. He spotted me behind the lens and thought he might be able to mug me for a fuss. Our photo session was well and truly over!

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