Monorail kitty

While I was fretting about the lack of opportunities to get out in the autumn with the camera, I decided to concentrate on photographing the animals. Even that wasn’t easy and on the second attempt to recreate Bubu doing his “monorail kitty” impression at the top of our stairs, I gave up. We still had the chicken run to clean and then a long drive all the way up to Essex. The wonderful people who transport the rescued cats and dogs from places like Romania try to fill their vans with donations for the return journey. We had several items we didn’t need any more and they were packed and waiting in the dining room. I had offered the steam machine we had bought for our elderly Jasper when he came down with chronic rhinitis. As he almost always slept in the same bed, it was easy to plug it in not far away. He didn’t seem to mind the gentle bubbling, or the condensation and for a while it did seem to be helping. Then we discovered his symptoms were due to squamous cell carcinoma and we had to say goodbye. I would much rather the machine was still used to help an animal in need, so it wasn’t that hard to wrap it up. Jasper’s bed was more difficult, but it hasn’t been used since and it looked so sad and empty in the corner.

The trip to Essex was uneventful and we got back with a bit of time to spare. I was upstairs changing into my “mucking out” clothes, when Bubu decided to play on the bannister again. I rushed downstairs to get my camera and with a small amount of encouragement, I got the image I wanted. The light is very bad indoors and the ISO was pushed as far as I dared, but the quality doesn’t seem to have suffered too much.

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