The old ironing board

This is beginning to feel a bit like detention. Write exactly 500 words on your old ironing board. I didn’t do much detention at school and I don’t really want to start now, but here goes…

I’ve always preferred the autumn to the summer. Likewise, I prefer the evenings to the mornings, although as a keen photographer, I get to see a lot of the latter. We get up early to look after the zoo as well and there is something almost saintly in the feeling you are one of the few people up and about at silly o’clock in the morning. I do like to be in bed early, so there is something very pleasurable about winding down at the end of the day. In our case that means another round of litter trays, feeding and treatments, finishing with the llamas, pig and chickens outside. I think being outside at the end of the day makes you very aware of the passing of time. Now the days are getting a lot shorter and from now until early March, we won’t see the chickens after work other than a quick check with the torch. It’s as we are walking back to the house that I can finally breathe a sigh of relief. The working day is over. Our 30+ animals are well and tucked up in bed and maybe I can do something with my photography.

Perhaps that explains why I took this photograph the other evening. We were rushing to get the inside animals done and our 22 year old cat needed a clean towel to sleep on. I went into our tiny utility room to get the freshly dried washing out of the machine, when the light caught my eye. It has done so before as the room faces south and sometimes the first time I am aware of a beautiful sunset outside is the soft, pink glow over the old sink. There was no colour the other day, but I was captivated anyway. As I stood, the idea entered my head that I should go and get my camera and record it for posterity. Don’t be so daft, I thought, but immediately afterwards I remembered all the inspirational images I see on my photography forum. My friends in there have made me realise that beauty can be found anywhere. I still felt foolish though as I took one last glance at the light before carrying the towels to the front room. By the time I had Flossy installed on her nice, new bed, I had changed my mind and quickly rushed to grab the camera.

My husband thinks I have lost the plot, but I’m not so sure. We are surrounded by things of great beauty, but they have become so familiar that we are unable, or unwilling to see. Perhaps we should all take a little time out to look around and wonder. Detention done, article written and in exactly 500 words. Now isn’t that strange?

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