The potters wheel

Having just experienced one of the worst springs on record, the weather has now decided it is well and truly summer. I don’t like heat at the best of times, but at the moment it is not only hot and humid, but there isn’t so much as a breath of air outside. I would give anything to go back a few weeks to the gale that was blowing when we took our old Land Rover down near the coast for its annual service. We decided to drive a bit further and see if there was anything worth photographing on the beach. Normally Eastbourne would be our destination of choice, but this time we opted for Bexhill and duly parked up next to the De la Warr pavilion.

We strolled along the front, gasping at the antics of the surfboarders as they appeared briefly on the crest of a wave, before disappearing within seconds. Although the sea was very choppy, the strong winds seemed to be forcing the spray down and there wasn’t much worth taking. All I got after half an hour was a load of salt spray on the filter. We decided to find somewhere sheltered where we could get a drink and I could clean my camera, so we headed for the pavilion. Built in 1935, it is an art deco structure, with Grade 1 listed status. Having recently undergone a £9m restoration and redevelopment project, it is dedicated to presenting high-quality exhibitions of modern and contemporary art and live performances of international repute.

It was one such performance that we found at the base of the wonderful staircase. A live pottery demonstration, but with a twist. A microphone had been set up to capture the sound of the wheel and this was being broadcast inside a series of finished pots. The loud screeching sounded more like fingernails being dragged down a blackboard and it set my teeth on edge, but I stuck around long enough to grab a couple of shots of the potter in action…

Potters Wheel2

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