Cheers Flickr!

No, really – I mean it. Having joined your community six years ago, I’ve uploaded a total of 248 images, added to a few groups, joined a handful of discussions and commented on the many awesome photographs that live on your site. I should have done far more, but I was always too busy. Busy with work, with our ever-changing assortment of rescued animals and of course, life in general. I drifted away when the pressure got too much, but last year I returned – full of optimism and with promises to myself to catch up. Well I did. Or at least the digital side of things. I try not to think about the thirty plus years of film sitting in the cabinet next to me as I type. It all has to be scanned and processed. Scratches and water marks have to be removed and then the files must be named, tagged and organised. I’ll get around to that too. One day. When that day comes though, I won’t be uploading to my Flickr account any more because it will be long gone. My account that is, but who knows if Flickr will be with us for much longer. This is one of the last images I uploaded.

I won’t pretend to have been very active on the site, but I loved it anyway. I loved the sense of being with other like-minded people. If they made me a contact, I would check out their profile and reciprocate because that was the polite thing to do. If I uploaded a favourite image and someone else thought so too, then it made my day. You didn’t need to talk to people to have friends. What I loved best of all was scrolling through the Explore page before bed and marking my own favourites. Photographers whose work I admired (and still do) and images that had the ability to lift my spirits or bring a tear to my eye. I think I will miss those the most, but it has to be done. In a few days or weeks, I will go to the Settings page and click on the link to Delete my Flickr account. Of course everyone is entitled to their opinion on the new design and after all, I was only ever on the fringes of the community. On the other hand, I had a really good view from the outside, looking in and it seems to me it can all be summed up in one four letter word.

Love. The owners of Flickr don’t love it any more. What a pity, but it’s given me the nudge to move on to something else. My Mum always encouraged me to write, but I never did. I struggle to find words sometimes and years ago we used to play a little game. One day she would forget a word and I would ask her to describe what it looked like or what it did. I used to run through the letters of the alphabet for her, but that word would remain a mystery until we were on the phone a few days later and it would pop up out of the blue and totally out of context. The next time it would be my turn to forget, until I was having a bath, or cleaning litter trays. Of course, my Mum had an excuse, because she was in the early stages of Alzheimer’s. I wonder what she would think of this now. And it’s all thanks to Flickr…

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